Green Gulch Center provides an ideal space for exploration, transformation, and creation.  This quiet Zen monastery/farm is set on the coast of Marin, nestled within and protected by golden hills and sweet smelling redwood trees.  Along with nourishing vegetarian meals grown from Green Gulch’s own organic gardens, we look forward to the sounds and stimulation from the nearby ocean waves, the simple and elegant accommodations of our guesthouse, the warm fireplace and inviting circle of tables in our meadow studio, and the beautiful hills and trails leading through our surrounding landscape.  

On these workshops, we use the tools of drawing and painting to engage and explore our environment and our selves.  Daily exercises are designed to further our sensitivity to our own reflections, strengthen our artistic practices, and move toward new growth and transformation in our creative endeavors and our lives.  

Our Greengulch workshop is open to artists of all levels of experience.

Greengulch Farm and Zen Center

Marin, CA

The moon reflected

In a mind free

Of all distractions;

Even the waves breaking,

Are reflecting its light.


©2015  All rights reserved - Marguerite Fletcher